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Wellness area

Do you want to enjoy a moment of relaxation and calm in the heart of nature ?


With its Sauna and Spa in the heart of nature, our wellness area is made for you


Relax as much as possible during your stay !


Take advantage of the calm and nature for a moment of absolute relaxation with a massage!



The Patio Spa

During the day or under the stars, spend a moment of relaxation, in the heart of our Languedoc patio, in our small SPA at 38 degrees.


Price: 10€ for a 30 minutes session, towel included.

29€ for unlimited access, towel included.


From April to October, we offer charcuterie and cheese slates from local producers.


On our charcuterie slate you will find sausage, liver sausage, chorizo ​​and pâté from a pork producer from Notre Dame de Londres, dry sausage, country ham and country pâté from Bagard.

On our cheese slate you will find Pélardons from the region as well as various sheep and goat cheeses from the Larzac plateau.


These slates are served with a green salad and bread from Saint Bauzille de Putois or Saint Martin de Londres.

Our slates are priced at 20€.


Electric Méharis Rental

We offer electric Méharis for rental to visit the surroundings of our gites and guest rooms


Half-day package: 120€

Daily package: 200€